Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the main source of communication and fellowship with God. Through prayer we gain knowledge, peace, direction, wisdom, strength, and power.  If you have a need, and would like someone to pray with you, or for you, please feel free to call.  

Men's Ministry

The Men of Faith Christian are standing on good ground by taking their rightful place and reaching out to the youth, steering them in the right direction to be effecive leaders as the bible teaches.  

Sunday School

The purpose of Sunday School is to provide you with an opportuniity to hear God's word, plans for your life and to learn how to apply His teachings to your everyday life. Sunday School is one of our major worship services of our congregation.  

Youth Ministry

Faith Christians' Youth Ministry is designed to assist our youth in building relationship with God first and mentoring them spiritually so that when they reach maturity they have a solid christian foundation to stand on.  

TV/Tape Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is use of the electronic media as a resource to reach the usaved and edify believers who watch and/or listen to christian television and/or recorded teachings, preachings and worship. 

Nettie M. Wagner Missionary Society

The purpose of the Missionary Society is to provide assistance to those in need.  Some of their efforts include communicating with the sick and shut-in via cards and/or visitiations, and supporting Third World outreach via the Blanket the World Church Service.   

Music Ministry

Music is an expression, it tells a story, it paints a picture, it reaches deep down into the listeners' soul.  Faith Christian's music ministry is designed to assist the worship service as we enter and enjoy the presence of God. The Gospel and Youth choirs offer a wide range of music from Spirituals to contemporary gospel.   

Evangelistic N.E.W.S. Team

This ministry is our mos ELITE team. The witnessing team. They consist of members who are equipped to go out once a month knocking on doors witnessing and leading people to Christ.  We target every area in the north, east, west and south areas in the City of Port Huron. These campaigns are held during the summer months.  

Women's Ministry

The Women of Faith Christian focus on womens' issues.  It is a ministry designed to nurture and comfort each other when needed.  It is active in giving back to the community through their time and clothing and food giveaways just to name a few.

Soup Kitchen Ministry

This gives our members the opportunity to assist at our local soup kitchen 2-3 times a month. Serving to the homeless and less fortunate is a very rewarding experience.

"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." Proverbs 19:17